Re-starting Sericulture in Greece and re-claiming it's position in the Global Silk Markets.

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Greece has one of the longest and most important traditions in Sericulture and silk processing in Europe.

For many centuries, Greece has been supplying the largest Silk processing industries in Europe with Raw Silk.

Several areas in Greece linked their names and their history to Silk Production and received prestigious awards and became famous for their high quality Silk products.

Hellenic Silk Company was initially established in an area in the center of Athens that has been named ever since “Metaxourgio” (Silk Reeling factory).

Hellenic Silk Company’s mission today is the restart and the viable development of Sericulture in the traditionally Silk Production areas of Greece as well as the upgrade and promotion of Greek Silk as a high value added exportable product.


In order to achieve top quality Silk production, specialized and controlled procedures must be followed at all stages of the Sericulture cycle.

Hellenic Silk Company “hand-picked” the best practices from the Sericulture Community and decided upon a specific set of procedures to be followed in every stage of such projects.

A “Sericulture and Cooperation Protocol” has been established where all procedures are described in detail and must be followed by all cooperating Sericulture Companies/farmers.


Hellenic Silk Company offers customized Sericulture Training Programs to interested parties combining theory and practice. This knowledge transfer will assist prospective Sericulturers to develop their business and produce high quality Silk products.

Hellenic Silk Company is involved in Research and Development initiatives in cooperation with the Scientific Community and offers its facilities for the development and testing of new and improved products.


The success of a Sericulture related business plan depends on the appropriate plant design, equipment installations and plant management.

Hellenic Silk Company undertakes all development stages (business plan, design, installation, management) of a Vertically Integrated Sericulture Unit and offers all related services.

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