Purchase, invoicing and payment

You can order any product you wish by selecting the dimensions of the product you are interested in through the relevant order form available on our Website.

Prices on our website include VAT, but do not include shipping costs.

Prices may be modified at any time without prior notice.
For products purchased through our website, the price you pay is the price displayed on our website when you place your order.

The price of each product will be the one displayed on our website, however, errors may occur. If we detect an error in the price of the product you have ordered, we will notify you as soon as possible and give you the opportunity to confirm the order with the correct price or cancel it. If it is impossible to contact you, we will assume that your order has been canceled and we will refund you the full amount you have paid.

Our company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse the acceptance of any order: (i) made by a customer with whom there is a pending dispute regarding the payment of a previous order, (ii) which does not comply with these general terms of sale (iii) where the material submitted by the customer for the implementation of the order is unlawful and against the accepted principles of morality. Our Company, however, under no circumstances, is obliged to check the legality of the designs submitted by the users of our Website.

If it is determined that the order does not meet the requirements of these terms of sale (for example: ordering with incorrect delivery address, payment details, etc.), the customer is notified either by phone or by e-mail. In the event that the customer does not contact our business to correct any inaccurate data or information given in the order, our Company reserves the right to cancel the order.

Payment methods

For your convenience and service from our online store, you can pay with the following alternative forms of payment:

-By direct deposit to our bank account

You can make a deposit in a bank account and send us the deposit slip by e-mail, filling in the relevant contact form on our website.

The processing of the product you ordered will take place when the amount of your order appears on our account.

Account Numbers


GR37 0171 9080 0069 0814 8052 542

By credit or debit card

The purchases of products by credit or debit card ( which….) are carried out in a secure manner through a dedicated service of PIRAEUS BANK

Please note that our Company does not collect or store your card details in any way. The electronic transaction with cards is processed through the secure system of the PIRAEUS BANK  by redirection to a secure server of the bank and the transfer of the card details with SSL 128-bit encryption.

In the event that your credit card is not approved by your bank, our Company reserves the right to cancel your order.

By Stripe


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